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Who says the ladies have all the fun? At Chez Marlez, we offer a selection of services custom-tailored for today's well-groomed gentlemen.




    • Beard Trim

Beard Care for Black Men

Black men find it hard to care for there beards because of the tightly coiled nature of black hair, which is due to the flat, ribbon like structure of the hair follicle, many black men deal with ingrown hairs when they shave. There are ways to help prevent ingrown hairs, however. One way is to stop shaving and grow a beard. At Chez Marlez Salon & Spa we care, style and maintain healthy facial hair.

Use The Right Products

Because black men need extra moisture to keep their beards from becoming dry and brittle, it is important they use beard grooming products that hydrate their facial hair and skin. Unfortunately most store bought soaps and shampoos actually dry out your skin and strip your facial hair of necessary oils. We recommend avoiding store bought soaps and synthetic shampoos. Instead we recommend using all-natural hot processed soaps or cleansing oil for beard washing and all-natural beard oils and beard balms for moisturizing and conditioning.

Your Beard Care Checklist

When you decide to grow a beard, make sure you have the following items to help get your started on the right track:

  • Beard Soap – look for all-natural soaps that have not had the naturally occurring glycerin removed. This makes a more moisturizing bar of soap.
  • Beard Oil – make sure your beard oil contains unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil. Stick with essential oils and avoid synthetic fragrance oils.
  • Beard Balm – your beard balm should contain both sealants, such as unbleanched shea butter and beeswax, as well as moisturizers like unrefined jojoba and pure argan oil.
  • Beard Brush – boar’s hair brushes are best for distributing oils and balms evenly through facial hair due to the natural scales along the boar’s hair bristles.
  • Beard Comb – a good beard comb will have teeth with smooth edges. Cheap combs will have teeth with sharp edges, which will cause facial hair to snap or break when combing.
  • Moustache Comb – it may sound unnecessary, but a well made moustache comb can make a huge difference in how your facial hair appears. A moustache comb will have finer teeth for more precise styling.
    • Gentlemen’s Facial
  • Gentlemen's facial helps transform rough skin into refined, healthy-looking skin.
  • This facial considers the unique needs of a man’s skin.
  • Helps relieve irritation from shaving, and leaves the skin hydrated.
  • Includes a neck and shoulder massage.
  • Approximately 50 minutes.
    • Gentlemen's Shampoo and Cut with Free Head Massage

Hair can make an outfit. It can break it. You can be wearing the most exquisite dinner jacket, but if your hair doesn’t match up, you’ll look disheveled.

In today’s metrosexual era, men are beginning to realize that they can no longer just throw a hat on or let their hair flow free. Today, most men understand that their hair is an accessory that can define who they are and going shaved is no longer an option.

Learn about your hair and where to find the best hair products for men.

Six Rules For Healthy Hair

At Chez Marlez Salon & Spa we agree that men need to follow these six rules when it comes to their hair.

  • Long or short – keep your hair in check. Get it trimmed up every two weeks.
  • Hair Product is important, so use it. It doesn’t have to be expensive, but the drug store brands are usually high in alcohol and silicones and can damage your hair long term.
  • Forget what your parents told you and stop washing it everyday. You’re drying out the natural oils in your hair. Instead, wash and condition your hair once every two-three days. Your follicles will thank you for it.
  • Less is more – products have come a long way since the mid nineties and a dime size of gel, pomade or wax should be more than enough to get the style you’re looking for. Unless of course you enjoy looking like you just stepped off the set of Jersey Shore.
  • Find a stylist, not a hairdresser. Some may argue they’re one in the same but they’re not. No one is suggesting you need to spend $100 on a haircut, but don’t spend $10 either. Stay away from the bargain bin slice shop and stick with the salon. The fact is that fish is fish, but you wouldn’t buy sushi from a vending machine would you? Know your hair and know what you want done with it. Don’t shoot for the stars with big dreams you can’t land. The fact remains that a stylist can make your hair look like anything you want – but the real question is, can you replicate it at home? Know where your cowlicks are, how your hair falls and if it gets frizzy or curly on a hot summer day. Work with your hair and pick styles that compliment its natural flow. A haircut should fit like a bathing suit. If you weigh 300lbs maybe stay away from the thong mankini. When you walk into a salon bring pictures. Don’t assume the stylist wants to spend 30 minutes trying to understand your mental picture of what you want your hair to look like.
    • Gentlemen's Color
    • Gentlemens Camo Color
    • Gentlemen's Manicure
    • Gentlemen's Pedicure

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